Question regarding ungroup selection


I have this file with a lot of ornaments.
*I import the file to LB
*Press ctrl-A
*Ungroup Selection
*Then use the Select tool to mark a ornamnet i want.

Sometimes this works well because there is enough space around the ornamnet.
But sometimes when i get to much inside the nearest ornament, it also picks this one. (see picture)
What is the solutoin to do this the right way?

If i press the outer line on the ornament i have to select all of the lines inside manually. Is this the way to go?

Thanks in advance

Then you can use Edit → Select Contained Shapes to select everything inside the perimeter line:

Dragging left-to-right selects only objects completely inside the selection rectangle, which may work better in a crowded area than dragging right-to-left to select everything the box touches:

(The linkies are different, but the previews seem identical.)


Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face:

I have noticed that this doesn’t work all the time. Maybe i was lucky on the ornaments i tried at first.
It does not always salect everything inside perimeter line, so i have to select the rest manualy.
Does this has someting to do with the design on the ornaments?

Thanks in advance

The perimeter line must be a closed path (like an O, not a C), completely separating the inside from the outside, before the algorithm can select everything “contained” inside.

To find out, I put a square inside a hexagon, selected the hexagon, and could select the square as “contained”. Removing one side of the hexagon (to make an angular C) removed the ability to select the square as a contained shape, because it’s no longer contained.

I would be completely unsurprised to find the perimeter of a complex ornament is not a closed path, although the gaps may not be visible at any reasonable magnification. Perhaps fiddling with the Close Path functions will improve the results?

Yes, this is very strange.
If you have a look at the example pictures you can se 2 shapes that is not selected when i use the Select Contained Shapes picture number 3.
I close LB and start all over again, but the same thing again. Very strange.
Just have to manualy select the non-selected shapes.
I cuts perfect.

Ah! I know many of the 3D models from the likes of Thingiverse have sufficiently broken geometry to give slicers a bad case of indigestion.

Those 2D designs may have similar problems: some parts may not be “shapes”, but a bizarrely broken collection of lines and dots and … random geometric junk. They may not be quite what they seem when viewed from afar.

Zoom in real tight, select them (with all else unselected), and see what happens.

Who knows? Attacking them with the Node Editor might help.

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