Questions about camera distance, calibration and is my camera a fish lens

Thanks so much for the nice welcome! You guys are really helpful! I was wondering if I could ask a couple more questions. I wanted to move my camera higher on my lid so that I could see more of my cutting area. Is there a limit as to how far away you can install a camera? My laser cutter is a Thunder Laser Mini 60 and my camera is a 5mp - 60 fisheye lens. Is there a certain distance I should be mounting it at? Also, if I do move my camera, do I have to I have to recalibrate it? Can the camera be calibrated even before it is mounted on the lid of the laser? Also in the first stages of calibrating the camera, when it asks what kind of camera I have. Do I state that I have a Standard lens or a Fisheye lens? Once again, thanks you guys for all the great information you provide! You guys are the best!

Have you looked at the “Help → Camera Selection Help option in LightBurn? That should tell you how far away the camera can / should be.
Also, since seems to follow me everywhere like a lost puppy…and you mentioned:

You appear to have answered one of your own questions. And let’s think this through … IF you move the camera, it’s not longer calibrated. Yes. You’ll need to redo the calibration, and it’s pretty unlikely that you can calibrate it … then mount it. I would strongly suggest you mount the camera, calibrate it, and while doing the calibration routine … say ‘yes’ it’s a fisheye lens.

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