Questions on Software functions

(Josh Mosselli) #1

Hey everyone, have a few questions about LB. Wasn’t sure if i should group them into one post or split into multiple posts since they arent really related, but decided to just make one post.

Question #1: Is there a way to line objects up top/bottom and left/right instead of just Left/Left, Top/Top etc.?

Question #1: When using corner radius, is this unit of measure in metric? For example, if i wanted 1/4" radius corners, i would enter 6.35? or is there something else going on here?

(Oz) #2

Q1: For this one, you can use these two functions:


Q2: No these numbers are based on your settings - If you have LightBurn set to inches, they’ll be inches, but 1/4" is 0.25.

(Josh Mosselli) #3

But if the program is set to metric which is its default setting, then converting a 1/4” radius to metric would be the correct way of doing it, right?

(Rick James) #4

For the corner radius, you must enter the number based on the unit of measure set in LightBurn, so the 1/4" radius would need to be entered as 6.35mm if you are set to metric or .25 if LightBurn is set to imperial (inch).

(Oz) #5

Yes, this is correct.