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Hey everyone, have a few questions about LB. Wasn’t sure if i should group them into one post or split into multiple posts since they arent really related, but decided to just make one post.

Question #1: Is there a way to line objects up top/bottom and left/right instead of just Left/Left, Top/Top etc.?

Question #1: When using corner radius, is this unit of measure in metric? For example, if i wanted 1/4" radius corners, i would enter 6.35? or is there something else going on here?

Q1: For this one, you can use these two functions:


Q2: No these numbers are based on your settings - If you have LightBurn set to inches, they’ll be inches, but 1/4" is 0.25.

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But if the program is set to metric which is its default setting, then converting a 1/4” radius to metric would be the correct way of doing it, right?

For the corner radius, you must enter the number based on the unit of measure set in LightBurn, so the 1/4" radius would need to be entered as 6.35mm if you are set to metric or .25 if LightBurn is set to imperial (inch).

Yes, this is correct.

Related to question #1 at the beginning of the thread, is there a function to align for example, the center of a circle with the edge of a rectangle?

If you create the circle, yes - with the circle tool chosen, click the corner of the rectangle and drag the circle to the size you want while holding the Ctrl key to make it drag from center. Then select the rectangle and circle and click the “align centers vertically” button.

If you already have both objects, the only way would be to align vertical centers and then edit the circle X position (center) to match the x position of the left side of the rectangle.

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