Quick and easy hardware mod for Boss LS-1420 (or 1416) and most other LS models

I noticed there was a lot of looseness in the two hydraulic lid lift struts. When you remove the top bolts you can see the bolt diameter is much smaller than the top strut mounting holes. This allows the lid to open to open to slightly different positions each time. So if you have your camera mounted to the lid it may be in a slightly different position which will cause some alignment issues.

Luckily, there is a quick and easy solution. Just make yourself some bushings to snug up the fit of the struts.

I used some 4mm thick acrylic, but most any material should work. Since the acrylic was not very thick I needed three bushings per side.


Just remove the bolt at the top of the strut (with a 4mm Allen wrench) and slide the three new bushing over the long bolt and then slide the bolt with the bushings back through the mount and the strut and tighten it back up. Only takes about 10 minutes (including making the bushings) and the result is much less “play” in the lid position.

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