Quick focus setting

It looks very primitive but it works very well.


I really enjoy the samples you cut and the focus knob you added.
Is the metric pitch of the z-axis lead-screw 4mm?

I really do not know. It was a pure It was a pure “luck hit”. I just want to see how many degrees had to be turned to get from 3 to 4mm, and it turned out that it’s actually a quarter turn. Backwards it also works fine, also a quarter turn. So I repeated it a few times and think it can be used.
If you work a lot with 2,3,4mm is a small fix solution and it is fun :wink:
Variations in material thickness up to a few tenths mm

are not the big issue with a 2 "lens, for me.

I’m glad you like it too.

Afstandsknob.lbrn2 (97.0 KB)

I think in Metric and Imperial(SAE) units. thread pitch is reciprocal between the two types of units. In metric the thread pitch is the distance between threads - if 1/4 turn is 1mm then the metric pitch or thread spacing is 4mm. If it were in inches (Imperial/SAE) the thread pitch is in Threads per inch (Tpi). My first guess was 1/4mm pitch and I was in error. :slight_smile:

Yep, I measured and checked it - one revolution is exactly 4mm :+1: