Quick question..has anyone else noticed when you have a pending windows update

Weird things happen or can happen.

I say this as I had what I thought were bugs in LB after the last update and even with all the help they kept happening. Then I remember having odd software issues with other programs if my computer had a pending windows update. By pending it is waiting for a restart to finalize the update.

Just curious if I am alone on this or not. Not an issue anymore as I stopped the default auto windows update but was never sure why this has caused me issues with LB and other programs…even PE will act up.

It doesn’t happen to everybody but, this is a known issue with windows.

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O.K…cool…so it’s not my meds…:joy:

Yah because some people have said they have never seen this but I do on both of my computers. Well thanks…I was just curious as it caused some odd glitches in LB that i mistakenly blamed on LB update…:roll_eyes:

You’re not the first person I’ve heard make this claim. That is all I know.

I suspect that this happens on my Win 7 machine when I wait too long to re-boot the PC. No crashes really, but the system seems to slow down.

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