Quick question, how do I center the project around work origin?

I’m having a dumb moment. I’m trying to switch to LightBurn (and use Snapmaker Luban now, and I love it so far but can’t figure out one thing: How do I center the project around the work origin?
Is this what LB calls “user origin”? I tried that too but it puts the image to the northeast. I did see the nine dots to select where it relates to the image and picked center but it still was far off.

Is there something I’m missing? Should I show screenshots?

try looking in documents, at the top of this page, this link leads you to LightBurn’s fine documentation with lots of good stuff, also links to videos that deal with everything from first time use to features for the semi professional user, really nicely made!

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Thanks for linking to the reading material. I think I missed something first pass, but that helped, thanks

I think I’m still not understanding something. Setting it for “Start from: User origin; Job origin: center;” should work, right?
I haven’t run a print from Lightburn yet, but when I test by loading the project and have the machine “run perimeter”, it draws a rectangle with the bottom-left corner a little ways to the right of the selected origin.

Am I doing it wrong or does this sound like a compatibility bug?
The perimeter test looks something like this.


Nevermind. Someone from Snapmaker’s forum says it’s a bug with the machine’s custom firmware. Apparently the software for drawing works fine, but the software for the perimeter preview doesn’t know what relative coordinates are, weird…

Nice that there is a logical explanation, then you can act on it. Hope you enjoy LightBurn and this forum here too.

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