Quirk discovered while importing old DXF with fonts as txt

For two days I’ve been trying to track down why DXF files, with fonts, being brought into LightBurn on the PC in the house rendered correctly, but the same files on the workshop PC came in as “txt”.

Realized that the I had set workshop PC to utilize SHX fonts but not on the house PC.

Removed the pointer to the SHX file folder, brought the same DXF in again and Voilà! Working again.

Can someone look into this to confirm?

Corrected and available for use, i.e., alignments of text is directly under the height bar. It didn’t come in that way even after it semi-correctly imported. (Calling is semi because of the misalignment.)
LASER FOCUS GAUGE v2.lbrn2 (176.1 KB)

I’m not familiar with the DXF specification but it looks like this line is specifying “txt” as the font name to be used.


Changing that line to “Arial” gives you the same results as what you have in the .lbrn file.

How are you generating the DXF file? Is there a way of specifying the font that you want before DXF generation or at DXF generation?

It’s being generated as an export from DynaCADD; a software I’ve used since the late 1990’s.
With the SHX pointer enabled, I imported again and got the same results… came in as txt.
Then I turned off all the layers except the engraving layer, highlighted all of them, went to the font drop-down menu and changed the font selection to Arial and it cleared it up.
I’m just saying that having the SHX pointer pointing at an SHX folder forces the font to come in as txt. It doesn’t if it’s not in that situation. The text comes in as whatever I have set in my Settings as my default font, regardless if “3” has txt underneath it.
Thought that was odd and felt worth reporting for others to find if found in a like-kind situation.

Based upon @berainlb 's comments, here’s what I now know.

  1. My old CAD exports fonts as txt.

  2. With the SHX enabled and changing the contents of the DXF from “txt” to whatever font name I chose, the import correctly recognizes the named font and renders it correctly in LightBurn.

  3. With the SHX enabled and no changes made to the contents of the DXF, the import renders as txt (found in the Font Drop-down Menu) if the DXF is created in that fashion.

  4. With the SHX disabled and no changes made to the contents of the DXF the import renders to whichever font I have selected as a default in LightBurn.

My conclusion is this is not a bug but a quirk. Ha!
Consider this issue solved.

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