Curious to know if anyone owns a Rabbit Laser.
Realized a couple days ago they have a presence 25 miles from me. Saw their display of machines. Very impressive including the prices, 60W CO2 $8,650. Number of accessories my Omtech doesn’t have. They also have “Pro-Carve” software for $349.
It sounds really interesting, only runs on Windows.
Their machines break down so you can get any of them through a 30" or 36" doorway. Thought that was interesting. They have parts, accessories, and some material. Very nice folks.
They have a web-site at: “rabbitlaser.com

Like what?


Click on link above

In my Woodshop class, I have two RL 1290 80 watt CO2 Rabbit Lasers. One of them was manufactured in 2013, while the other is from either 2016 or 2017. These lasers have proven to be dependable workhorses, standing up well to the various demands and mistreatment of student use. Recently, we decided to upgrade their control boards to Rudia alongside Lightburn software, replacing the previous Letroo control board and LaserCut 5.3 software. This upgrade has revitalized the machines, injecting new life into their functionality. Additionally, I recently had to replace the laser tube on the older model from 2013, but both machines are still going strong. Rabbit Laser imports Asian lasers and improves upon them to enhance reliability and performance. Their customer service is commendable even after the sale has been made.