Radius Challenge

I’m a new user, but can’t find an answer to this challenge after searching the forum. When I create a U shape by clicking three individual lines together, I can’t radius that two corners. I’ve tried making them a group. And they are Converted to path. But still can’t radius.

Are the three lines actually properly joined or are they simply aligned together? They need to be actually semantically joined for this to work. You can confirm by moving the common node between the line segments. Does the corner of both lines moves or do they show as disjointed? If disjointed they are not joined.

Also, the radius size has to “fit” within the angle and size of the corner.

Thanks for this quick feedback. I just checked but I can’t seem to get a node to show when they are grouped. And when they are not then, no, the corner does not move together.

Yes the U shape is 4" wide and 4" tall and I’m attempting a .5" radius so that should fit.

And when I group the three lines I can’t get nodes to show up when I click the Edit Nodes tool.

Nodes are not editable when grouped with another object.

You can drag a node on top of another to join them. For various reasons this sometimes does not work. If that’s the case then make sure the nodes are physically aligned. Then select both/all segments that are aligned and then use Edit->Auto-join selected shapes to get them to join.

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OMG! Auto Join is the answer! Thanks SO much I’ve been trying to figure this out for a long time.

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