Radius feature can not be used at specific node

I really love the new radius feature, but some how it does not work for me all the time!

I just did a re-draw of a shield and would like to make the bottom of it rounded, which the radius function should be able to! But I don’t get the “cross-symbol” for the node, to make it able to have it’s radius changed. The curser is just showing as if it’s not possible to change the radius.

When doing just a similar line-draw, with the same angle, there is no problem using the radius function.

What am I missing?

The value entered into the ‘Radius’ tool has to be a valid number for the given target. I suspect the “20” you have in there now is to large for the target you are wanting to apply it to. The cursor will only change when it is hovering over a valid target using valid option settings. You are not seeing the pointer change because of this.

Notice the radius is set to 100 for both these examples. The first rectangle is 100mm by 100mm. I can apply this radius (result shown to the right of original)


The second rectangle is 50mm by 50mm. Notice that the cursor hovering over the same point will not change and allow you to try to do something that is not valid.


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Those look like points where curves meet, and at the moment it only works for intersections of straight lines. The math is a lot nastier with curves.

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And that ^^^ as well. :wink:

Sorry for the delay in my reply…

Rick: I know about the value for the specific target, but this is not the problem here!
After reading the reply from “Oz” I think it is clear, that this is the problem. I have made the object from two similar parts, mirrored, and then connected to each other. So it makes sense, that this is what causes it.
I hope it will be possible to do in the future. Love the feature!!

He is much better with the “using of the words” thing than I, most of the time. :wink:

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