Radius in 0.9.09

I downloaded the up-date 0.9.09 to try the ‘Radius’ tool. However, the tool is not working.

Going to need a bit more than “However, the tool is not working.” to offer anything other than a guess.

Humm, did you convert the shape to paths first?

Yes, I converted the shape to paths using the "ctrl+shift+c. The corners show a small gray square on them. When I click the corner, nothing happens.

Where can I find how to use the Radius Tool?

The cursor has to change to show that the point is valid - to be valid to radius, it has to be straight lines on either side that are long enough to take the selected radius value. If you don’t see the cursor change when you hover over a node, it’s not valid to be radiused. I’ll be adding code to handle adding radiused corners to sharp connections of splines, but that is much harder math.

For example:

The two left points are too close together for my 10mm radius to work, but the two right points are fine.

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I lowered the radius down to 2 and the tool works at that setting.
Thanks for the help.

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