Radius measurement is wrong

So I just ran across this problem. I have a circle from some imported geometry. Note the difference in the radius measurement (.4688"), vs the distance across the circle (1.875").
EDIT: Sorry about the different sized images.

That’s curious. Can you upload the .lbrn file where you’re seeing this?

Sure thing. Here you go. Actually, in looking at it again I noticed that it had the correct measurement for the arcs of the outer profile. It’s just the three inner circles that are wrong.
Radius.lbrn2 (24.1 KB)

I think I know what’s going on.

If you look at the width and height of the shape in Shape Properties you’ll see that the size doesn’t match the actual on-screen size. There are situations where the shape properties size gets disassociated with the on-screen size. This can happen, for example, when you scale 2 objects at the same time.

Because of the discrepancy, it looks like arc radius may be derived from the internal “shape properties” size rather than the on-screen size. I assume these are meant to be at least consistent with the other information in the measurement tool and would think this is indeed a bug.

Adding @Rick here with help on confirming.

Yes, LightBurn retains the original shape properties after scaling. As for bug, not sure if I am following you here @berainlb. :man_shrugging: I know I must be missing something. :slight_smile:

The part that I’m questioning is the information provided in the Measurement tool. I would expect all measurements shown there to reflect the current geometry. However, Arc Radius does not while all others do. Arc Radius is showing the values that would be true for the pre-transformation geometry (as reflect in Shape Properties). Actually, I didn’t check Arc Center so that may be off as well.

Investigating further…

@WDNick and @berainlb,

Update: Oz and I chatted about this late last night where he said, “I’ve made a note and will look into it tomorrow. Should be a relatively simple fix.”

Thanks again all! :slight_smile:

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@WDNick and @berainlb,

From our internal reporting:

LightBurn: Bugfix: Fillet tool shouldn't re-fillet a corner on double-click

This indicates a fix has been crafted, tested and folded in and targeted for the next release, baring any unforeseen issues arising during Beta testing. :slight_smile:

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