Radius tool only working on certain corners?

I am designing a wallet and working on the skeleton and want to radius a few corners. I have 2 that the tool is working on but the other 2 of the exact same dimension it is not working on. I have attached my work file if someone would like to look at it. I’m relatively new but have searched through the forum with no luck finding an answer to my questions. Thanks in advance for any help

It’s not clear to me which corner is not working for you.

They all seem radiused already. Can you annotate a screenshot showing what you’re experiencing?

This is what I see when I open your file:

I’m sorry. I might be too green to be trying this. I’m not sure why that is. I annotated my file but it should be 3 separate shapes with a small design inside of one of the larger ones. I’m sorry for wasting your time if this doesn’t work

What’s happening is that the line segments adjacent to the nodes you’re trying to apply a radius to are Curves instead of Lines. Use the Node Edit tool then hover over the adjacent line segments and push ‘L’ key. This will convert those curves to lines. After doing that you should be able to apply the radius to each node.

Here’s a screenshot after pulling the line segments out to demonstrate that they are curves:

You are an actual genius and savior. Thank you so much. I was racking my brain making sure my radius wasn’t bigger than angle, making sure everything was connected etc…

Thank you again. I really appreciate it!

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