Ramp mode for stamps - a teaser

This one has been requested frequently, and ended up being relatively straightforward to do, so LightBurn will soon have a ramp mode for producing engravings with sloped sides.

Here’s a comparison of a preview of a test file from RDWorks and one from LightBurn, with identical settings. The LightBurn one was generated in 0.8 seconds, while RDWorks took a touch over 4 seconds. (I’m hoping the RDWorks version looks as bad as it does due to preview artifacts - I’ve honestly never run one of these before)

Assuming testing goes well, this will be in the next release.


That will be a great addition Oz, nice work!



I make stamps for leather out of acrylic. This may work well for that too!

Oh goody!

I was just wondering why I couldn’t find the ramp mode in LightBurn and a quick search for “ramp” brought me here. :slight_smile:

Coming soon, to a Laser near you! :slight_smile:


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Don’t forget to mirror the text!