Ramp mode problem

I’ve tried to do a stamp using ramp mode, working with bidirectional fill, and the result is like I had the scanning offset not adjusted… but the values of scanning offset are fine, because engraving normal jobs without ramp effect, works perfect.

I’m working with Ruida RDC6455.

Please post settings for this job and a picture of the ‘Preview’ window as well.

These are the job settings:

About the preview window, I cannot open it… I’ve tried even restarting the PC and preview window is not working. When I try to open the preview window, takes around 10-20 seconds, then appears and disappears a window with a progress bar so fast that I can’t read what says, and then appears a new task on the task bar, but looking there is an empty window that is not showed on the screen.

By the way, I’m working with LB 0.9.07.

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