Ramps 1.6 Plus Marlin 2.0 Firmware+Lightburn Setup

having some issue with my laser setup, i dont know if its lightburn settings or my marlin 2 firmware settings.

here is my laser and board pic

here is my TEST the test was a jpeg, with fill…grayscale

my marlin 2.0 config files

configuration.h = https://pastebin.com/mV68XsTj
configuration_adv.h = https://pastebin.com/izDiJVxv

my lightburn screenshot

my lightburn device config

That looks horribly out of focus, and 20% for a diode is pretty low for the speed you’re trying to use. I would increase power, lower the speed to 3000 mm/min for a starting point, and check to make sure you’re focused as small as possible.

That also looks bizarrely like the laser is only firing on the ends / transitions, which I haven’t seen before.

yea focus is not an issue… ez-fix

this a 20w diode so 20% is like 50% vs. a 2.5w

i ended up moving to INLINE style with marlin

https://gist.github.com/bmatusiak/7b61b0c7f6fcd3fc1708a5cfd29d9a00 <— my marlin config files

my first 2 test has layer shift… i think i had the speed to fast. (it was weird because on the first 2 test it layer shifted in same spot in different offset cords…)

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