Random deactivation?

One of our computers came up as deactivated - don’t know why, but I had to use one of my 10 activations on the license to activate it. What causes a working light burn installation to deactivate? No update of software, no update of operating system. We did reboot the computer (MacBook Air). The only thing I can think of is that a few weeks ago I did switch from WiFi to wired ethernet - but we’ve used light burn dozens of times since then.

The system uses a ‘digital fingerprint’ that is a combination of MAC address, OS information, various library versions, and so on. It will get periodically checked against the original fingerprint stored when you activate, and if they’re different enough, it thinks it’s a new computer. Sometimes it takes a couple days for that server check-in to happen, so it might have been something that changed a short while ago.

The number of activation / deactivation cycles is not fixed - it’s just set to try to discourage abusive license sharing, and we’ll increase the number on your key if you ever need that done.

that makes sense - thank you for the quick reply!

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