Random Dots on project

I am not sure why lightburn does this. RDworks doesn’t have the issue. I like lightburn’s! ease of use but I need to fix this issue.

Set the image mode to Threshold (simple black & white) instead of Dither (trying to make gray shades with dots).

What you’re seeing is an artifact of dithering when used on simple black & white images.

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I am getting the same thing when using jarvis. What I do not understand is if i bring it in as a bmp or jpg it does the same thing even though the image background is complete black. It does not matter if I use photoshop or Corel same thing. I use jarvis for all my photos. Excellent work peep on the program though.

It’s a side effect of the process. If you want the image background not to be dotted, make it transparent And use PNG format to preserve the transparency. Atkinson dithering is less prone to this, but doesn’t do as well with large areas of subtle gradients.

Thanks for the response, Threshold mode took care of my problem.

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