Random Fill path?

I traced an image in Lightburn then set to filll all at once. The fill path seems pretty crazy, and the result had horizontal bands, that remained in the exact same place after a second pass. Offset fill also was more horizontal and vertical paths with a hollow central line rather than following along the curves of pieces. ideally, I shouldn’t even see the lines with offset fill. How do I fix these?

Go into the Advanced tab on the cut settings editor and turn off “Flood Fill”


Thanks. I found out that it was the flood fill from another group and it worked fine as a regular raster fill. Im still not sure why there’s skipped lines on the exact same spots for flood fill though.

Because the movement isn’t consistent. When you run a normal raster engrave, it moves smoothly from bottom to top (or top to bottom). When using flood fill, if it has to backtrack, it reverses direction to do so, and any slack in the belts or motion system will mean that the laser head doesn’t position exactly where it was, leaving gaps. Even 0.05mm difference is probably enough to leave a visible light mark.

In this case, I’m thinking the belts are almost too tight. If I get banding from flood fill due to inaccurate positioning, wouldn’t it show up in raster fill/images? I did these right before and the same trace with flood fill off after and it didn’t seem like there’s an issue or as obvious with flood fill.

I would think there would be more gaps in the flood fill than just what was shone though, if every motion change resulted in a gap. I took out the tile after 1 pass, placed it back into the template, and ran a second pass at 2000mm/min again. The thing that still confusing me is how accurately it can get the banding again without forming a band at every layer change.

No, because raster images are scanned in a single direction vertically. If you have a tiny little bit of belt slop (or over-tension), that gets taken up right at the start of the Y axis movement when it begins engraving, then every movement after that is in the same direction, pulling against a tight belt.

If you engrave a bit of the image, then jog up, then back, then start moving up again, those direction changes re-introduce that slop.

Watch here to see what happens when things are a bit loose:

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