Random fire/pulse

Hi Guys,
I have a friend that has a 130w 1390 chinese laser running Ruida controller and Lightburn, they have noticed that when they move the bed Up/Down the laser will pulse, just once and at random
I checked the PSU to see if maybe the fuse was damaged but its good and running a 15A Fuse

Any help would be greatly appreciated

The likely have the wires for the Z motor really close to the high-voltage supply L-On or PWM wire input - it could be inducing voltage into that wire, or they could actually have a short or crossed wire in there somewhere.

thanks I will try that :slight_smile:

Ryan, Didn’t think of this when i was trying to help with this issue on another platform. Oz Is Correct and im 99% sure this is what the issue is unless there is a short inside the controller of some strange place- Brandon Teater

Thanks, the manufacturer has recommended that the customer remove r8 resistor from the laser psu

This doesn’t make sense to me, I assumed that a resistor is there to reduce the current on a circuit(prob wrong)

I think I will tell my friend to just trace all wires and see if something might be touching causing the short

I would at least do that first like you stated. No harm no foul there.

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