Random Rotary Errors Xtool D1

When using my rotary tool, it is a coinflip as to whether one or more of the following errors occurs: The text is mirrored; The diode head doesnt shift to ehere the crosshair indicators are, resulting in the image/text being 17 mm higher than desired.

Firmware/software is always updated before I begin a session. I’m not changing any setting in between cuts. I can make two identical glasses, one after the other, just pressing Start again, and the second one will come out a mirror image of the first.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Im not sure if the problem is in my laser, the rotary attachment, Lightburn, or my computer.


Open the Console window and look at the messages at the start of the job.

Use a scrap glass for testing.

There might be something in the messages commanding an offset or manipulating the coordinate system. Hopefully we see something.