Random text in burn

Hi Folks,
I’m hoping this is just a way to limit the demo software’s use, but I set up a demo test to burn, and this is what my made

. Unfortunately, what was burned has random numbers / text in the result.

Can someone tell me if this was just the font I picked (it looked good in the UI), a demo limitation, or something else.
I’ll purchase the software if this works correctly, but right now I’m glad I paused and checked.

There are no trial limitations. What that appears to be is variable text being chosen in the drop down beside the font selector drop down (Right beside the AlignX drop down). Change it to normal text and you should get the expected results.

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Thanks! My setting was set to “Cut Setting” so I’ll need to figure out what that does. I’ve moved it over to normal and hopefully that will resolve the issue. Thanks for the quick reply!

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The ‘Cut Setting’ mode tells LightBurn to substitute values for cut settings, so when you’re doing a material test you don’t have to set the text for every test value manually.

The ‘p’ in ‘to help’, for example, was changed to 70, so you used 70% power for that layer.

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