Raspberry Pi running Octoprint

I am trying to migrate over to laser etching/cut with an Atomstack A5 40W Pro+. On the 3D side of things people are using a slicer and interfacing to the 3D printer over wifi using a Raspberry Pi with Octoprint. Each Gcode command is sent to the printer over the USB port. Is it possible for Lightburn to sent these Gcodes to Octoprint to pass it on to the laser etcher/cutter like in the process being used on 3D printing?

Did you try it?

If the Pi looks like the grbl controller to Lightburn then it might work.

However I’m suspicious there are other ‘attributes’ Lightburn expects…

What can’t you do in Lightburn that requires Octoprint?

What does Octoprint have to offer over a direct connection…? Certainly not ‘less’ complicated…


As it stands, another person has commented about loading Lightburn on the Pi and not using Octoprint which was really designed for 3D printers. He stated that Lightburn requires a different build of Linux other than what is on the Pi. He says he is going try and let me know. I have watch videos on converting Pi Zero into USB to WiFi. Seems that is a better choice. Lightburn would recognize the connection on my laptop as a connected USB to the USB on the etcher and with the Lightburn camera I have ordered. I could only be in room with etcher to set the item to be on etcher and set the laser to a know origin point. At least that is the way I see it at this point. Bad part, no Raspberrys Pi Zero’s are available to be purchased anywhere. A high demand!

Unless he’s trying to run LightBurn on Pi under x64 emulation he’s going to have a bad time. There is no ARM build of LightBurn. I haven’t heard of anyone successfully running LightBurn under x64 emulation on PI but I’d love to see it happen. We know M1 Macs can run LightBurn under emulation so it’s not without some precedent.

Yes, I read a reply today where he tried, It loaded but would not run. So, Lightburn is correct in their statement, sorry to say. But, when I can get some Pi Zero W’s I will try what I think might work. Run Lightburn on Windows laptop, connect a Pi Zero W on each end and hope Lightburn works that way. Bad part is no zeros to be found.

I’ve been trying to find a Pi 4 for months with no luck. My brother was able to pickup a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W a little while back but apparently those are also not in stock now.

Don’t remember what I paid for the Pi I’m using, but it was around $50. The only ones I’ve seen are the Pi 4 and they are around $200… about had a cardiac…

If I understand it correctly, Lightburn requires routines are not created or maintained by Lightburn, these would have to ported to make Lightburn on the Pi viable…


Jack, the ones you saw for $200 were probably Pi 400… the one with the keyboard case. Those are the only ones I’ve seen in stock to the public.


looks rather ‘plain’ to me… they have 1 in stock… $219


Ah… didn’t realize you were talking about a scalper. I wouldn’t ever get involved in those.

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