Raster engraving is slanted but vector cutting is not

I am running GRBL on genuine Arduino Uno. The x axis skews the image when engraving but seems to be fine when vector cutting. Could I be losing steps on x axis or any other ideas?

What are you using for motor drivers? The usual cause of this is when the controller and the motor driver disagree on what a step signal is.

It’s possible for the step signal to be when the step pin signal goes from low to high (rising edge), or when it goes from high to low (falling edge). If the motor driver and controller don’t agree on this, you lose one step with every direction change, and scanning changes direction at the end of every line, resulting in the slanted look. It’ll be more slanted if you decrease the interval (distance between lines).

It looks like you are right, I decreased the lines per mm making the engraving lower resolution but the skew is not as bad. I am using TI DRV8818 Stepper Drivers with 4x micro stepping and my x axis resolution is 25 steps/mm which seems pretty low. Can you recommend a way to sync the motors with the drivers?

I’m pretty sure I figured it out, I set GRBL setting $2 to 1 for invert and it seems to be working. Thanks for the help!

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