Rattan pattern and connecting to an offset

I have a rattan pattern. I wanted to pattern to conform to a shape and deleted the excess using Bollean remove back. I want an offset to be connected to this cut shape to form a half inch frame. I can see the cut lines going around the pattern and of course it will be partial shapes due to the conforming of the shape. How do I keep the rattan pattern and the frame connected?

Staples, nails, hot melt glue, etc.

If you are talking about how to do it in Lightburn, you might upload the Lightburn file and some images to help us understand what you are trying to accomplish.

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I took a pattern file (rattan) and a pumkin shape. Bollean to remove the excess outside the shape. Created an offset frame. I tried to add an offset that would be the outline of the shape but it changed parts of the design.

i would like the rattan shape to be attached to the frame since it is a multilayer design… It did cut beautifully but into two pieces!

Can you upload the Lightburn file?

pumid.lbrn2 (505.8 KB)
Thank you!

I hope this is what you mean.

pumid1.lbrn2 (480.1 KB)
If so,
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select the red layer outline and delete.

Is there any reason that your shapes have small “offsets”?

Thank you all for your help. I started from scratch and used Cut Shapes. No offsets, no extra lines. All worked smoothly. Cut Shape was the way to go.