RC Crane Project


I want to share one of my biggest projects. Im part of the maker faire in Berlin this year. And as a Project Ive choosen an old Project of mine and reworked it alot.

The plan is to build a big RC crane which will ne controlled by a little Remote control pr maybe later with my smartphone.

the Main pillar is 96cm long

And will be reinforced with a 2cm wooden rod in the middle.

Also the Remote control prototype is done

Here are some specs:
Wood: 3mm Birch multiplex
Laser: 10w Laser from endurance lasers
Software: LightBurn of course:)
Speed/power: 5mms / 100%
Passes: 4

If there are any questions feel free to ask

If you all want, I will keep you Updated with the progress.



yeah, keep us updated! Looks like a fun project.

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Just finished the connection point between the main pillar and the crane arm

And createdcreated some cablespools for all the cables I need later for wiring

All done with 3mm birch wood

Next thing will be to finish the arm and to cut out the box for all the electronics


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Little shelf for my cable spools

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Florian, I saw you in a news article today. https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/endurance-to-develop-new-high-powered-lasers-for-3d-printers-and-cncs-148848/

Hehe nice. Didnt know people will recognize me:)

Was only a small part. But was really nice to read that