RD Files From LightBurn On USB Drive Don't Work, But RDWorks RD Files Do Work

I’m having an odd issue where RD files that I save from LightBurn do not work on my laser when reading from a USB drive but files saved from RDWorks work fine.

I can see all the files in the UDisk menu, but when I try to do “Copy to mem” with the LightBurn files, I get the error “File Invalid unknown file”

However, when I do the same with a file from RDWorks, it copies to memory fine and runs fine.

I’ve tried multiple USB drives, and made sure I’m using the correct USB port on the machine.

Also, when I send files from LightBurn to the laser via ethernet, it works just fine, and I can even run it again from the laser if I want. It’s just when I use a USB drive with files from LightBurn that I have an issue.

What might be causing this?

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