RDC6332G Controller

I’m considering buying the rdc6332g controller, do you guys like it or would you prefer a different controller? I have $1500 and I want the best thing I can find, of course I’d rather spend less, but the best would be worth the $1500 to me if I needed to spend it.

Ruida controllers are top of the line. I have the 6445G and love it. You only issue in buying a replacement from various resellers is firmware updates. I purchased mine from Cloudray and they seem to be ignorant about firmware updates. I lucked out in a Ruida contact and I post the 6445 ones when I get them.

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Have you searched the RDWorkslab.com site?

There is a comparison chart here…


Sometimes you have to hunt around a little bit.

How about a look inside the 6445…


Keep in mind that most of these had some kind of ‘target’ type in mind, and it may not have been a laser controller specifically. Just because it has 4 axes, doesn’t mean you can control/interchange like you may want to…

Probably doesn’t apply to you, but the physical size is different from 6442 and the 6445. The obvious difference is the display size. I’m sure they all vary. If you have a machine and want upgrade… probably involve metal work if going ‘up’ in controllers.

IMHO, I’d be looking at the 6445, as @Dave01 uses. I have a 6442 that may not allow the use of the U axes as I had hoped.

Don’t keep us in guessing, post some pictures of how your build is going… :crazy_face:

Good luck…