RDC6344G support


I’m thinking about changing my L.O. T9 for a Ruida. I am looking at the RDC6442G, RDC6445G, or RDC6344G. the 6344G doesn’t seem listed as supported, but seems to be a touch version of another model. Does Lightburn work with the 6344G?

Also I see that the 6445G is supposed to be the replacement for the 6442G, but specs show it only has half the memory, 128GB vs 256GB. Is that really the case and in practice, does this matter?

What I’m trying to gain is gray scale relief engraving. The T9 and it’s software don’t do this.


The 6442G also only has 128MB of memory. The 6332G and 634XG have 256MB. (note that the X in the name is used to denote any number - 2, 3, 4)

I don’t have specific model numbers broken out for the 634XG, but since it’s the same family as the 6442 it should work just fine. Several members here are using the 6445G and really like it - it’s functionally identical to the 6442G, but with a larger screen and the big keypad.

Thanks, I also saw your reply in the Ruida section. I decided I will give the 6445G a try.


You won’t regret it. It’s a fantastic controller.

If you have one of these, what happens if you have a job that is bigger than 128MB? My experience so far is limited. General cutting jobs seem small file size wise, but engravings I notice can get large, how large???

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