RDC6442S-B(ec) disconnects constantly

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In my ongoing saga…

My old Win7 tower crashed itself to death finally and I put together a new tower with clean install of Win 10. Installed latest LB and USB driver. Did not install RDworks.
After a few headaches and I got everything working, but the controller disconnects from LB constantly. Sometimes when I try to frame or run a job. Sometimes when doing nothing.

Before I replace the controller (one of the few parts on this machine I have not replaced yet) are there any suggestions? I tried new usb cables. And bypassed the panel socket, plugging directly into the Ruida.

Maybe see if there’s a new firmware available??? That means installing RDworks after all, right?

Maybe find an old router switch and connect via Ethernet?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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It could be a driver issue. Try installing the FTDI drivers (used by Ruida) from here: https://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm

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That’s the one I installed.

I found an old Apple Express router in a drawer. Might try connecting that. Prolly another rabbit hole to go down though, I’m not networking savvy at all.


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That was actually easy! Connected fine.

Now, how do I check the firmware version on the 6442S? And update if necessary?


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So, I have firmware V 8.01.52 This appears to have updated when I installed RDWorks. V 8.01.22

The panel looks different now, more parameters displayed, and the menu structure changed.


why do my X and Y cords display as 10000, 10000 instead of 000,000. And is that why the laser head smashes into the rails when I press HOME?


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The laser smashes into the rails because your limit switches aren’t working or configured correctly yet. The laser shows 10000,10000 as its position when it hasn’t been homed.

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Thanks! I printed out the wiring diagram and I’ll troubleshoot this next. The saga continues…


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In machine settings: is there a LB equivalent parameter to “Auto home X” found in Ruida? If I can set that to false it will prevent the smashing until I can replace the faulty X axis limit switch.



That is the way i have mine running via network and an apple express

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It’s “Enable Homing” under each of the axis settings:


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Did you back up your controller settings before you upgraded the firmware?

Wiring probably isn’t your problem.

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