RDC6442s-b(ec) enable wind (air assist) functionality

I read in the manual that this can be enabled on other models thru the machine settings, but I’m not finding how to do that… the option is not available in the LightBurn function to adjust this setting… I wonder if there is a console command or some other way to get to this…

Page 47 of the Ruida manual explains how to enable the wind pin.

I must not have the full manual… what I have seems incomplete. I’ll locate it at the Ruida site… Thank you!

Whether to enable the blower: If using wind out port to control the blower by
the graph layer parameter, this item must be enabled, or, the wind output is a
signal for other using.

I guess I’m missing something… like how to access this setting…

You’re right, the manual doesn’t explain how to get to the manufacturer parameters. I’m afraid I don’t know either.

The setting in LightBurn to change the state of that pin is “Air Assist” in the cut setting box.

I have that toggled but I’m trying to make it affective in the controller… it’s wired from the wind pin to the relay, but I’m not getting the signal on that pin… I’m assuming, based on the manual, that I need to enable that function… however, I’m not finding how to access this particular settings…

I was able to find the “Other” settings under “Vendor Settings” within RDWorks to toggle the feature in the controller…

This is apparently the method… I wonder if this is something that could be included in Lightburn? To access these additional feature settings?

Thank you!

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