RDC6442S-B(EC) vs. RDC6442G

I just got an HL-1060 100W EBay laser cutter, and it has an RDC6442S-B(EC) controller. The only manual or information I can find is on the RDC6442G (including on Ruida’s site). The seller and manufacturer sites also just have the “G” manual.

From the RDC6442G’s manual the last few letters describe the type of interface panel, but there’s nothing about what “S-B(EC)” means.

What makes this different from a “G”?

The “S” version controllers allow the use of dual tubes. Other than that the controller is identical to the “G” version.

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I’m pretty sure even the G version has dual outputs (mine does). S supposedly stands for “standalone”, but I’ve never heard a definitive answer for what that means. I know my G and S behave slightly differently with the way the user origin works, but that’s all I’ve noticed.

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Is it not the other way around?
My 6445G has dual tube controls.

The only information about it on Ruida’s site is about dual tubes.

What about the last few letters? “Bacon(Extra Crispy)”?

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EC is for CE Certification “European Union” I believe.

I also believe the “B” is just a custom variant. The board is referenced in the Laguna PL1220 laser manual.