RDC6442s controlling diode lasers

Have searched high and low trying to find out if anyone has used this controller with a 15w diode laser ?
Also unable to locate any wiring diagrams on the hookup of one, everything relates to a Co2 laser

Specs I can find for the laser:
Power Support Input Voltage: DC 12V
PWM Support Input Voltage: DC 5V
Driving mode: External ACC Constant Current Drive
Support PWM TTL modulate laser power

Tkx in advance

It can be done - You need to run the Ruida controller in RF mode, not glass tube mode, so it will only output a single PWM signal for the whole thing, instead of controlling on/off independently from the PWM power.

Also worth noting, there’s no such thing as a 15w blue diode laser. The strongest blue light diode is a Nichia, rated about 6.5w, and they’re expensive. You likely have a diode that needs 15w of input power, which would make it about a 3.5w to 4w optical power diode.

Hi,ty for the reply,
laser is actually rated at 7-8w, still don’t understand why they cant list it at what it actually is ?

Glad to know the controller will work for my needs, If I find I need more cutting power i’ll have to look into the Co2 option, The case I designed is modular, so adding space for it won’t be a huge deal

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