RDC6445G vs RDC6442G

What is the difference between these two controllers? Is there a preference?

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From what I can tell, they both use the same controller but with different keyboard/displays. Can someone confirm this?

I have one of each, and they operate functionally the same. I have not seen any new features that are specific to the 6445G. But I do like the larger display and the numeric keypad on the 6445G. The cost difference between the 2 units is only about $20, so personally, I would choose the 6445G over the 6442G.

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Thanks Anthony, that is what I was looking for. I decided to ditch the TopWisdom controller. Unfortunately I already ordered the 6442G this weekend. It must have been late because I knew I wanted the 6445G! Oh well, I don’t think it is worth returning to China to get the 6445G.

One thing you have to make sure isn’t a problem is the larger physical size of the 6445G display. Some laser chassis don’t have enough room for the larger size of the 6445G.


I saw that video on Matt’s Workshop. He just made another panel to accept the larger size. I think I like having it mounted at a angle for better viewing. I have no problem modifying the chassis! I am also adding an ammeter and more switches for air assist. Thanks for pointing that out.

I recently upgraded to the 6445 and the bigger screen and number pad is really nice! I also have the 6442 on another machine, so like someone else mentioned besides the bigger screen and number pad they seem to have the same features.