RDWorks Import Cutting Files


Is there a method to import RDWorks Cutting Files and Materials List.?

Many Thanks


Are you asking about the .RLD files? If so, I do not think that it is possible at this point in time. I know LightBurn has mentioned that they want to eventually include this functionality, but the .RLD files are undoccumented, so it will be a lot of work.


I was thinking that it was the same Developer for both software…?


LightBurn was developed completely independently from RDWorks, by reverse engineering the control protocols and cut file data sent to the controller.

It’s possible to do the same reverse engineering to get at the data in the RLD project files, but they’re less structured, and even Ruida themselves seem to break compatibility with them with every other version they release. I’ve done some initial work toward this, but it’s very difficult work, and low priority.

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Thank You for your reply.

We will have to convert the 100’s of cutting file from the DXF file.

Great work.


Do you mean convert the .RLD files to DXF? Because LightBurn can import DXF files.

I suspect that’s what he was implying. RDWorks can also export AI files, which LightBurn can read as well.