RDWorks Trojan:Win32/Occamy.AA

How comforting to find this alert today. Explains why my system has been hosed all day:


A warning to others to proactively scan your systems if you have RD Works residing on it.

Sometimes you can get false positives. I always scan all software before installing and then after.

I have used a few version of RDWorks and have never seen an issue. After reading your post, I scanned my current install including the uninstall file, no issues. I currently have 8.01.40.

Always better safe than sorry though.

Reading the details of this specific Trojan, it’s really bad. I only recently obtained this RDWorks installation by direct download from Ruida’s website for the sole purpose of exploring some unexposed controller configuration settings not found through the HMI or LightBurn (wind control configurations).