Re-calibrate camera for different material thicknesses?

Does the camera need to be calibrated for different material thicknesses? I have a Thunderlaser Nova 24 and normally adjust focus by sliding the nozzle up or down so the camera distance to the top of the work can vary by 1/4" or more. If it does need to be re-calibrated is there a way to save and recall the calibration data?


If you change the focus point of the lens, yes you’d need to recalibrate, though the amount that it’s off by will depend on the lens FOV and how far you adjust. 1/4" isn’t much, so it would likely only throw you by a mm or so.

Your machine has autofocus and a movable Z - using either of those to adjust the focus would ensure the camera calibration stays accurate.

Not in the current release, but there is in the pending one. You’ll be able to save & load all camera parameters, the intention being to enable easy transfer between multiple computers sharing a laser, but it would work for your purpose too.

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Thanks, I’ll try that. I’d read or heard somewhere (possibly Russ’s YouTube channel) that autofocus systems don’t work well so had never tried it.

Thanks - it’s great that you listen to user requests and implement them where they seen relevant and doable.

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