RE: Choosing the right camera for my machine

I am looking to buy a camera from LB for my 6090 100 watt Gweike laser, But not sure which one to get . I would like it to be WiFi and was told that I need a raspberry pi 3 for it to work.
Sorry I am fairly new to the laser world, I have e mailed LB and no replies.
Thanks for your time.

Which email address did you send to?

We do not directly support WiFi cameras. You can get 3rd party apps for your computer that will present a networked camera as though it’s connected by USB, but they tend not to have enough resolution.

There are IP camera apps discussed here:

The one that is on the website,
So the best way to connect a camera is with a long USB cable?
Which camera would you recommend?
Want to mount it inside on the lid of the machine.

The best way to connect a camera is with a cable whose length does not exceed the USB maximum length specification (5 meters). If you need to go longer than that you have to use a repeater or amplified (powered) cable.

I don’t know which camera is best for your machine because I don’t know how far it is from the bed surface to where you want to mount it. In LightBurn, go to Help > Camera Selection Help and look at the minimum mounting heights listed:


You would choose a camera that ideally sits roughly 2" or more above the minimum height, so you have a little room to adjust. For the size of machine, I wouldn’t recommend the 60 or 90 degree 5MP cameras, as they’re harder to focus at longer distances.