Re-starting after power outage?

I was cutting today and the power went out. I was able to start over from original position but that meant the laser had to go over previously cut wood. Is there a way to restart it at a certain point?


You can select objects that were not cut and then use the “Cut selected graphics” option in the laser window.

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If you’re working with a bunch of discrete vectors, then yes, you can select the parts you want to re-cut and use the “Cut Selected Graphics” switch as Anthony suggests. If you’re cutting a single image, no, there isn’t a way to start part way through that yet.


A neat way to do this would be to set the time slider in the preview, and then have a button “Create job from this time” or something like that. Don’t know how easy it would be to do, though…


Do you have a Ruida controller? If so, at least with something sent from RDWorks, when the power goes out it should remember right where it stopped. Once the power comes back on and the system reboots, you should see message on the laser controller screen telling what button to press to resume. I just wanted to mention it in case you had a Ruida controller but hadn’t actually looked on the display before trying to resolve things via your computer.

Yes I do have a Ruida controller. I didn’t even check my laser screen. I actually turned my laser power off because I wasn’t sure I would still be in the shop when the lights came on. Next time I will wait it out and see what the controller says. Thanks!

You bring up an interesting point. I think it would have worked even if you had switched the power off at the main switch on the laser. With a power outage, ideally, I would want to unplug my whole system to isolate it and avoid any problems with bad power coming through once they initially re-energize the neighborhood.

Yes. It works from full power out. Just hit enter on controller keypad when prompted.