Read out endstop with M119 wrong?

I use a Neje A4060. This is controlled by a Mega 2560 and the Arduinoclub board CNC 2022 (also used for CNC milling via Estlcam). I use Marlin firmware for the laser.
Everything works so far, but the homing function gives an error (hard limit triggered). Now I wanted to read the status of the endstops using command M119. But here too there is an error message: error:20 unsupported or invalid G-code command found in block.

Is there another command for reading the endstops using Lightburn? Or is this a bug in my firmware?


You could try creating a new Device (Snapmaker (Marlin based)) and check if it works. But keep your current one!

Ok, it seems to work with a new Device. Why? I don´t know :smiley:

Check if everything works. If all ok stay with that device.

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