Readjust LASER Power and Speed During Process when Pause ,Application don't have resume from last Engrave step

To: LightBurn Programmer Staff , I “PAUSE” App during a jobs and changing Laser Option ,But application does not get the new Laser config go to use to the Pause job ,Please add option “Run from Last Step” and get the new Laser changed to use ,Like SMT Machines Option.
Fabrinet Company ,Senior Maintenance Engineer ,SMT Engineering Department. Thailand.

Hi Staff.
Now I know how to start from last Engraving ,Use Preview and Drag to the position that I want and click “Start Here”
Thx U.

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Hi Staff.
I try that’s method but It’s not accurate enough , I think Programmer team must be add "Run From Last Position or Effective parameter changed immediately from pause state or Stop State. Add “Pop Up” menu when press Start and Ask about “Run from Begin” or “Run from Last Edit”

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