Really wish you guys would add a print feature

I love to design in Lightburn and how well it works controlling my boss laser. But as My business has grown I have upgraded To Universal Lasers and Vy-TeK lasers. Really wish you guys would add a print feature so I dont have to keep exporting into corel draw

Do you mean something like HPGL? Is that something that those other laser’s use?

He means literally “Print”, like to a printer, because that’s how Universal, Epilog, Gravograph, etc all work. The problem I have with this is that it discards a massive amount of LightBurn’s functionality - no jogging, placement, camera, power settings, path planning, control over line intervals, etc, and you’re likely stuck with whatever image processing those systems do within their print drivers, meaning no dither modes.

It would be a functional lobotomy of the software.

We’ve toyed with implementing a print function at some point, mostly just to proof designs, but I expect it to be a pretty hefty amount of work, and it’s not high priority. If a huge swath of our customer base wants it, we’ll do it, but in two years the suggestion has received 23 votes:

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He can always export as PDF and then print.

Or shift+command+3 or 4…

I do proof sometimes for customers, but that usually involves making a test piece in 3mm MDF and couriering it over.

I have seen a number of customers end up using the test pieces, but it’s not an issue for me - they are ~$2 in a $500 job. They’re welcome to them.

I am sure that sending an actual, physical piece gets me more work than just a screenshot would. People like to handle stuff.

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Screen cap won’t work because he wants a print function in LightBurn to send properly formatted vector / raster data to the print driver used by his Universal laser.

Well Engravelab photo plus (given to me as a gift) or Photograv does not either jogging, placement, camera, power settings, path planning, control over line intervals, etc, But produce beautiful pictures on my Boss 1420 running lightburn with my custom HD lens to My VY-TEK Lstar 450. I have been in the Memorial Photo business since 2009, There is a huge untapped market I think your missing. The reasons you don’t have a lot of requests is two things First Epilog,Trotec,Universal VY-TEK Full Spectrum …all use Corel Draw which again does not jogging, placement, camera, power settings, path planning, control over line intervals, etc either.
Second they don’t have controllers that are Lightburn Friendly. Just food for thought

I know that, you know that… :wink:

For the record, there has yet to be a controller that was “LightBurn friendly”. I’ve purchased them, reverse engineered the control protocols, and when the companies figured out that I wasn’t going away, and realized that LightBurn was improving their sales, they started helping.

I’m OK with a huge untapped market for the moment - It’s already a challenge to keep up with support and development demands, and we have several new vendors coming online soon that are going to be adding more users. I want manageable growth so I can maintain the quality of the product, support, and reputation we’re building.

Having said that, LightBurn can export a processed image (select it, go to Tools > Save processed bitmap), and it can export SVG, AI, and DXF, so it’s easy enough to get your LightBurn files into other formats. As I said, a print function is on the radar, it’s just not a high priority.


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