Rear minus front command

anyone know where I can find the rear minus front command

Can you elaborate on the desired a little bit?

I am trying to place a smaller image that I have traced over a larger image that I have traced and want the smaller image to block out what is behind it. Hope I explained it better

Another lightburn user told me to use the ‚Äúrear minus front‚ÄĚ command and I can not find it

something in this direction?


wan tto remove what is in the circle

First select image then the circle and use ‚Äúcut shapes‚ÄĚ from ‚ÄúTools‚ÄĚ.

Is that what you want?

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Thank you so much I was looking for the rear minus front and was not finding it… Appreciate your help

You may be referring to something like the Boolean Operations which you may also want to review.

Modifier Tools - LightBurn Software Documentation

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