Rearranging or resizing panels on a Mac Book Air laptop

I’m reading, and experiencing, some mac book air compatibility issues with LightBurn. But I’m still so new in the game, that it may be my ignorance. Two things are kinda frustrating me.
1 I would like to drag (with the little double line curser when it’s on a line) the left side of a panel such as the Camera Control panel, to the right a bit so I’ll have more window space to view my project. The little curser indeed turns to a small double line which is the normal look for dragging one side over so the entire panel is smaller but I’m getting no response attempting to do so on my mac book air. I’ve tried holding ‘control,’ ‘command,’ etc. but still no response.
Any suggestions?

Using LB 1.6. I read on one tutorial that in order to create keyboard shortcuts (or maybe they’re called, ‘hot keys’) I’m supposed to go to ‘file’, ‘edit’, ‘hot keys’ but there’s no such option on my LB on my mac book air. It’s also not seen if I just go straight to ‘edit’ at the top and scroll for hot key or keyboard shortcuts.

Any help with creating my own keyboard shortcuts on my mac book air within LB?


With regards to the Hotkeys editor, in v1.6 go to the File menu then Preferences:

I’m not sure about the other issue you are having with reducing the width of the Camera control - what is your MacOS version? A screenshot might help us to see what is happening.

I’m guessing there may be another window in the same docking area with all of it’s controls already at minimum width - which could prevent the docking area from resizing. If this is the case, a process of elimination (gradually closing other windows which occupy the same docking area and then retry the resize) may help find the problem. Use Window>Reset to Default Layout to restore all windows to their default positions.