- Received wrong lasercutter from amazon.de - What controller did I get?

Just received the lasercutter i bought from amazon.de (kh7050 80w) but the controller does not look like the controller on the picture (which I know was a ruida that works with lightburn)…

But is it a similar contoller, just a new design or something completely useless?
Please enlighten me on this matter so I know how to proceed.

Regards Lasse

This looks like a TopWisdom DSP controller which LightBurn does not currently support. These DSP’s use proprietary software called AutoLaser and no other software solutions are available at this time.

Thanks for the quick answer - that was what I feared…

now I guess I have to wrestle the seller and see if we can find a solution

Yes, that’s a TopWisdom controller. The eBay sellers (and apparently now Amazon ones as well) seem to think that the controllers are an interchangeable commodity item, and tend to buy the cheapest ones they can find. If the controller pictured in the ad is a Ruida, you should be able to return it as “not as advertised”.


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