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Running latest Version on Windows 10

Has anyone else noticed that occasionally a file you were working a few days ago (and saved) is not shown in the recent file list?

Several times over the last few weeks I have looked in the recent files to open a file I know I was working on the day before and it is not in the list.

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The file list displayed under ‘File’=>‘Resent Projects’ is a FIFO (first in first out), rolling list. Depending on the number of files you’ve opened between the saved one you are wanting, the file may have rolled off the list. By chance, did you happen to have a crash and had to restart, in which case LightBurn would not have saved the pref file containing the recently opened projects list?

The file that was missing from the recent file list was younger than most of the other files that were displayed.

There might have been a crash that occurred sometime between when I last edited the file and when I noticed it missing. I did have a LB crash, but I am not 100% sure about the timing.

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If you notice this happening again, please let us know. Try to note the steps so we can try to reproduce on our end.

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This happens quite regularly to me as well…

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Happens to me as well.

Same here. Seems pretty random.

This just happened to me again.

I was working on 2 different files last night (Mothers day is almost here)
I saved them both when I went to bed last night. They were the last things I worked on.
This morning one of them was in the Recent Files list and the other was not. Found both files side by side in the same folder, both saved within minutes of each other.

:scratches head:

Edit to add: windoze 7


Yea, I save my files in multiple locations, so I go in the hunt each time when it’s not appearing… it’s definitely a bug…

It just happened to me again, I have been working on the same file for the last 3 days. Editing, saving, editing saving …

I left the file open last night and this morning I saved it again (just to be sure) and opened a new file. After cutting that new file I needed to reopen the file I have been using and it was not in the Recent Projects list.

I looked in my directory and it was still there with a modified time stamp from when I saved it this morning.

Noted - I’ll have a look at the code and make sure there are no gaps.

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I have had it happen to me as well, but very sporadically. I originally thought it may have been just specific to my Windows install, but now I see that others have experienced this as well.

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