Recent Slate Coaster

Quite happy with how this turned out, intentionally set the pattern over the rough edges of the slate so it wasnt just a suddent stop to the pattern or a box around it.

Done on a3 eleksmaker 2.5w laser diode. 1100 mm/s 100% - Done the mineral oil trick and pops out nice, might put coat on again to get the wet look tonight


It looks nice!!!
Could you please give us more information about “the mineral oil trick”


Same with me; I am intrigued what ‘the mineral oil trick’ means.

Jasper suggested it but applying small amount of mineral oil to slate before lasering, 1st try it was bad and pattern buffed off :o so for this one pictured above I put oil on for bit buffed it off and left it a while before wiping down again and lasering.

Since this pic I’ve oiled and buffed again and the slate has nice wet look and makes the pattern pop more and look great, just 3 more to make for a set to sell then.

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when you /users with CO2 lasers/ engrave slate do you have your air assist on or off?

Diode laser 2.5w without air assist on this

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Is this thread dead dead? Curious about CO2 Air-assist as well (with Air Compressor) And Mineral oil. I rubbed mineral oil on coaster before engraving. But idk how much Im supposed to “buff” (wipe?) off before going to laser, or how long to wait. I added another coat to the coaster after, and then wiped about 10mins later. But Final product isn’t vibrant at all.

No treatment before or after. Very light air (5-7lpm) just to purge the lens…(20W diode)