Recommendation for camera supporting 1800x1000mm bed size

I am looking for lid mountable camera for a large bed - 1800x1000mm. Anyone have a recommendation for bed greater than 1610, preferably 1810 with a better image clarity.


Have you looked the Camera Selection Help tool under the Help menu in LightBurn?

It shows the 8mp W - 120 as covering this size at 30" height.

Thanks. I saw that info on the Ligthburn app, but their terms on the product page says non-returnable item. want to know if anyone used it for a larger bed and the quality and usability of it.
Alternatively, was also looking for anyone who used some other camera, other than lightburn marketed camera.
Thanks again.

Arducam 16mp WITHOUT autofocus:

with this varifocal lens in the 2.8-12 version:

And you need an M12 locking ring.

This is 16MP. And also very important is MATCHING your field of view to the bed size. Otherwise you can easily lose a LOT of resolution by being too wide. The varifocal has both a focus and zoom adjustment.

Varifocals come in a wide range- most difficult to understand is the lens needs to also match the width of the physical imager chip. And Arducam is a WIDE imager chip. Varifocals are surprisingly tricky to match with a camera. This one works 100%.

Most of the fixed lenses on the common M12 thread standard do not work with the Arducam’s wide imager chip. It will only produce a round image in the middle and then just black vignette corners

You really do need more MP for these larger beds. The final resolution is pretty impressive!

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