Recommendation needed: Alternative to XPro V5 for Laser

Hey there!

I try to get a laser module working at my cnc mill (diy type, CSMIO controller, working fine). I have my second XPro V5 to operate the mechanics and the laser - it is still not working. The first burned, the second permanently sends 1,35V PWM. Support by Spark Concepts is poor, many weeks no solution, a waste of time and money. I am about to give up on this projects after 5 months.

Can anyone recommend an alternative controller? I like the idea of built in (trinamic) stepper drivers, due to space limitations in my electronics housing. I need enough power to run my nema 23. I need 3 axis, 4 would be better. It would also be great if the controller would support 24V limit switch logic and PNP.

What about the blackbox from openbuilds? Or even some cheaper option?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


I replaced the OEM controller on my Ortur LM2 pro (it still works, but I was not happy with its performance) with one of Tim Rothman’s Black-N-Blue 3 control boards. For me the biggest selling points were the onboard wi-fi and the SD card reader. Here is a link to his site. Black-N-Blue 3 GRBL Laser Controller with wifi and sd | LaserUpgrades

Thanks Paul! I will check the features of this board. Have a nice day!

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